One-on-one mentoring with Kelly Sweda

Have you just purchased your first DSLR, but have no idea how to use it? (That was me four years ago!) Do you want to learn to see light and composition differently? Would you like to focus on the beauty and art of editing? Are you ready to build a website, or looking for a portfolio review? No matter where you are in your photography education — as long as you're here to dive in, open up and explore new ways of thinking with heart and passion — you've come to the right place. I work with everyone from high school students to budding professionals.

When I was first beginning, I was so overwhelmed I felt paralyzed. I had no idea where to start. If only I'd had the undivided attention of a mentor I really trusted. Instead, I took my questions to Google and quickly found myself caught in a rabbit hole of outdated, impersonal YouTube tutorials, and Q&A forums that left me even more confused. I'd reach out to some seasoned photographer friends for help, but always felt as though I was taking too much of their time. Doing whatever small part I can now to minimize the learning curve for fellow artists is what led me to offer mentorship opportunities. Learning with me is meant to be fun, enriching and convenient, and is fully customizable.

Learning with me is about YOU.

Below you'll see my current list of offerings. Each and every section may be tailored precisely to fit your needs. See something listed that doesn't apply? We'll skip it. See something missing you want to address? Just say the word.


Completely custom Q&A
One-hour minimum. $250 per one-hour session.
This can take place in any combination of in-person, over chat/email and over the phone/FaceTime/Skype

  • My go-to camera equipment

  • Camera functions (Canon)

  • Mobile photography

  • My approach to editing and overall workflow

  • The slippery slope of self-promotion

  • My social media strategy

  • Email marketing

  • How I built (and continue to build) my brand from the ground up

  • How my website came to be and how I keep up with it

  • My step-by-step process for booking and retaining my ideal clients

  • Setting expectations for successful and inspirational shoots


Portfolio review
One-hour minimum. $250 per hour.

  • I'll provide a detailed, written review of a sampling of your work, as selected by you

  • May be images from your camera, your phone, or both

  • Emphasis on light and composition


Shadow me on a shoot

  • Hang back and shadow me on a shoot, and see my approach to working with families or commercial clients in real time

  • When it's done, we'll grab a bite to eat and talk about what just happened

  • You'll see my back-of-camera photos, plus the final edit of the photos from the session you attended


Purchase any one section and enjoy 10% off each additional section. All purchases are non-refundable.
Full payment for each section is due prior to the commencement of each section.