Summer 2017

July 28, 2017 || After an overnight flight from NYC and additional six-hour time change (three already from our home in California to New York), Isaac, Francesca and I landed in Copenhagen to spend two weeks with my brother-in-law and his family in Denmark. Before ever visiting, my sights had been set on watching the kids jump into this canal just steps outside Jon and Signe's apartment. It's been an uncharacteristically cold and rainy summer here, but with a break in the weather and a decent sunset, we marked our first night doing just this. It set the best tone for the next 13 days > > >

July 29, 2017 || This morning we drove to Fredriksborg Slot (Fredriksborg is a town; "slot" means "castle") and got to know a bit of Copenhagen by taking the water taxi around to different stops, getting out and exploring on foot. We enjoyed a chilly, but beautiful summer sunset on the balcony over dinner, and lounged around the apartment. Francesca set up a small dollhouse that used to be Emilie's, and spent lots of time playing inside it with different characters and horses > > >

July 30, 2017 || Sunset and dusk from our apartment in Islands Brygge > > >

July 18, 2017 || Explored the Christianshavn neighborhood on foot today, stopping to eat, duck into shops, tour old churches, and take in a large part of the city. We walked seven miles today > > >

July 18, 2017 || We walked to the top of the golden ball at one of the oldest and most famous churches in Copenhagen: Vor Frelse Kirke Christianshavn. I should say, most of us made it to the top. All of them except for me. See the gold, winding railing leading up to the top, and how the steeple becomes more and more narrow the taller it gets? It was literally swaying up there, and I couldn't hang. With my legs buckling beneath me, I somehow managed to turn back after I'd made it about halfway up, and got myself onto solid ground. I heard my little one hooting with excitement the higher she climbed, and loved the spectacular views (and selfies) the rest of them captured from the top > > >

July 30, 2017 || Isaac and Emilie have made a tradition of swimming at least once per day in the freezing canals. The main and closest swimming spot to the apartment is called Islandsbrygges havnebad, and we've been spending lots of time here. Even Franny managed to get herself in, but the three of us adults opted for wine of the grass and view of the swimmers instead > > >

July 31, 2017 || It wouldn't feel like home if I didn't wake up between two other human being and an animal > > >

July 31, 2017 || Rented a Go Boat today and cruised around with wine and cheese somewhere between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. You know, as you do > > >

August 7, 2017 || Spent two days at Signe's parents' summer cottage three hours outside Copenhagen on another Danish island called Langeland, where the kids rode horses, caught butterflies in nets and small crabs on fishing lines (then raced them down a ramp in the harbor), and ran around in the garden as music played. We played cards, made pizzas in the outdoor oven and walked through the tiny, windy village both nights, finding a playground at a closed-up boarding school the first night, and a church and cemetery dating back to 1830 the next. The whole weekend was the most charming little step back in time, and a perfect way to round out our trip > > >

August 7, 2017 || The tiny summer cottage was built in 1870. Signe's dad told me the detached guest house my kids and I slept in used to be the barn where the family pig was kept and slaughtered for Christmas Day > > >

August 5, 2017 || Went to the darkest, dingiest, most spider web-laden stable ever in the middle of nowhere and paid a smalltown Danish guy to rent two of his horses and a pony, and cruise all over Lohals, a tiny village on Langeland. > > >

August 5, 2017 || More scenes from our days on Langeland > > >

July 25, 2017 || Bagenkop harbor

August 6, 2017 || Harbor hangs in Langeland > > >

August 5, 2017 || We didn't have a GPS so I'm only guessing this is the Baltic Sea, but it's something like that. And it was freezing. But Isaac and Emilie still went for it > > >