January Newsletter: Print your (old) photos

Every January I give in to this burning desire to spend as long as it takes inside my house, going drawer-to-drawer and closet-to-closet, purging half of what we own and donating it all. The way getting rid of stuff makes me feel and the outlook it lends to a new year is important, but something else. Today I want to tell you what I found this month while I was at it.

It was a stack of old, long-forgotten 8x10s hiding behind the one photo I’d opened up a frame to swap out. Talk about taking a step back in time. This group shot is the one that really struck me. I may wonder what I was thinking with that orange top, the (now) teenagers and I may have had a laugh or two looking at Will, but look at us. See that baby in my arms; she’s eight now!

I preach the importance constantly of printing your family photos, and god, to me, it’s for such good reason.

I held those prints in my hands forever, then dug up all our old shoots and ordered a bunch more. I don’t just want the frames around our home to show what we look like today; I need to see our evolution. I need an archive of memories from over the years to pass down to my children some day.

In celebration of that, something for you

If you’ve ever shot with me, you’ll find your galleries are all reopened so you can order prints like I just did. Unsure how to access yours? Click the button below and I’ll send you a direct link. There’s also a coupon code at checkout for 20 percent off your order. Offer is good through 11:59 p.m. this Sunday night, February 3rd, when the galleries will close again.

If you haven’t shot with me, I’ll urge you all the same. Print your photos. Frame them. Stick them on the fridge. Maybe it’s been years. Maybe you’ve never had a professional photo shoot. What matters most is that the memories you’ve made are tangible. Snapshots count. Keep a printed archive, hold it, look at it; it’s the easiest way I know to go back in time.

Sweda Xmas pic 2018.jpg

Happy New Year from my family.

I've promised myself to stay in better touch with what's going on: Family photography, brand photography, sharing stories and my own personal work. Monthly newsletters like this, and more regular blog posts. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, ask a question, tell me what interests you. I’m building a gathering of friends and I’m glad you’re here.

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Please bear with me.

My website is currently in the midst of a New Year refresh, so it may be tough right now to find what you're looking for. I promise it won't be long. In the meantime, you can always reach me below to schedule a shoot or inquire about what I have to offer for families and small, creative brands. It's still business as usual around here.