WILKINSON FAMILY || Montecito, CA || The Wilkinsons were vacationing in the U.S. from their home in Canada, stopping in Santa Barbara for a quick overnight to make some memories at the beach. I loved how they were at once reluctant and willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the high tide I wasn't even anticipating that night.

I also loved their dynamic: their oldest girl my son's age and just the same exact way about being photographed; the younger one both the text book middle child and little sister, reminding me so much of my younger sister at that age; and their little boy as twinkly-eyed and rambunctious as they come. Mom and Dad were easy-going, open-minded and trusting, embracing the hot, salt water-soaked California night like they're used to it or something.

We left at dusk, sandy and soaking wet, chatting about the impending Fall and cold that await them back in Alberta versus the 80-degree Halloweens and often Christmases I begrudgingly endure here. It was a total grass-is-always-greener conversation that made me think they probably won't stay away too long . . . or at least let's say I hope not. I think California suits these five quite well.