Take Me to the Mountains Part ||

August 19, 2015 || Back to Strawberry || I felt such a draw to this tiny mountain town in the Sierras we visited with friends back in June that I felt compelled to return this month and live it all over again. It helped that this has been the first summer ever that I didn't plan an elaborate cross-country vacation, like the trip we took last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before that . . .

So when my good friend Lauren extended a second invitation {this time with my mother, sister and nephews in tow} and I still hadn't arranged anything for one particular week in August, I saw the stars march right into place, directing us back up north from Santa Barbara, through the Central Valley, and up into the piney, otherworldly, new-little-corner-of-my-heart, special piece of paradise called Strawberry, and all the adventures the nearby mountains had in store.

We laked, rivered, hiked, fished, cooked and I awoke each morning to the sound of fresh beans in the coffee grinder, soft morning light pouring through the dining room window, and making a personal promise to seek more moments of peace and quiet in my life. Although Lauren's family will soon be moving on from this place, it feels safe to say---although I don't know when---that we'll all be back . . . and better yet, all of us together.