Summer in San Diego Part II

October 6, 2016 || This past August, my in-laws brought Will's whole family together to spend five days in Rancho Santa Fe, just north and east of downtown San Diego. The trip was particularly special because it had been a couple years since we'd all been together. And also -- that the last time we were -- it was in this exact same space. The perfect vacation home on top of a plateau looking all the way out to the ocean, we found, just like last time, not much of a need to leave the property at all. Apart from a half-day trip to the beach and another to the zoo, the cousins -- ranging from 2 to 16 and from three different states and one different country -- reconnected and played together as though they see each other all the time.

We had 10-hour pool days, cocktails by noon, great food, perfect weather, and hours around the long, banquet patio table hanging out and catching up. Everywhere I looked, I saw the mark of our kids from the last time we were here. The Sweda footprint on this place is the most special part to me; it's like coming home to grandma's house, but in a way that's our own. My sister and her boys came up to visit, as did Franny's nanny Ally, who I've written about before and who's become a little sister to me over the years.  Mimi and Pop Pop officially expanded their number of grandchildren from seven to eight as we celebrated Emilie's official adoption into the family. The kids ran and cartwheeled about the grass day and night, kicking balls, blowing bubbles, pulling lemons from the tress for lemonade. One night Isaac and Mimi hosted a DIY game of Minute to Win It, our all-ages teams cheering one another on as the moon rose over the pool.

As is always the case when I'm trying to document something, so much more happened than what you'll see in the pictures. I've really gotta work on that. From this collection, it'll appear largely as though a big group of happy kids overtook a house and a pool by themselves for a week. As much as I like to come down on myself for all the holes in the story, there's something about that I actually kind of like. Cuz it's all for them anyway, at least such a large part . . . isn't it? They're the next generation of Sweda, and regardless of the distance between them the rest of the year, I think they know who their cousins are. And I think they'll be all right.