SPINELLI SISTERS || Carpinteria, CA || With my business just over four years old, I'm still experiencing many firsts. Not only were and are the first images I made of these sisters two years ago some of my all-time favorites, their session back in 2014 was one of two that left a footprint on me significant enough to help me believe I had a future in capturing moments for people. In the time between our first shoot and this, I'd only seen Ava and Mia once or twice in passing, just enough to give a quick wave and a receive shy hello in return. So when their mom hired me earlier this month for a second opportunity to take their pictures, I was both parts over-the-moon excited and . . . pretty freaking nervous.

I'd carried the confidence our first shoot instilled in me close to heart as my business began to branch out, ultimately expanding from part-time to full. What if our second go-around together wouldn't be as good as before? What if the girls were now too close to that pre-teeny, awkward photo age where they wouldn't let themselves go with me and create magic like last time? What if I couldn't figure out the camera body I'd purchased just hours before their shoot? I had all these thoughts as I inched down the highway in traffic to meet these guys, but as is often the case with me, each worry was met with increasing excitement and eagerness to get there and make something beautiful.

The girls' and my awkward reintroductions didn't last long before they ran down to the water's edge and their mom turned to me to say they were excited do be here taking pictures with me. As she walked down the beach and left me alone with her daughters, the girls and I began to chat and catch up. We remembered our first shoot together and they recounted many of the same memories of it that I still have. And then all of the sudden, apart from them being older, taller, a little less baby-faced and the slightest bit more reserved, it didn't feel as though two years had passed, but just a brief sliver of time . . . Here's to my second evening with these awesome sisters and eagerness for more to come.