SPINELLI SISTERS || Goleta, CA || I had never seen these girls in my life before meeting to photograph them this night. Anyone who knows me well knows I couldn't have been tremendously comfortable. Meeting new people has never been easy for me. But this experience proved me wrong. Driving up to the Ellwood Bluffs, I started getting excited about the dark clouds rolling in, how I knew they would affect golden hour and the sunset. I got eager to feel the passion and adrenaline that drew me back to photography in the first place: Children. Unadulterated, in their element, sans Mom and Dad and the intricacies of a family session.

The moment I met Allison and her girls, not only was I reminded of my sister and myself at their age, I was awash in a natural sense of calm. Their momma and I got on like old friends. By the time we walked from our cars to the bluffs, the girls---who were a little apprehensive---became noticeably looser and more relaxed. I waited for them to run off together, to begin poking around, taunting each other one minute, tickling then giggling the next; it was then that I picked up my camera.

The session was slow and comfortable and full of magic, particularly as the sun glowed red, cast colors across the sky, then eased beneath the horizon, the sisters hovering against the bluff for the final fleck of light… still and silent, each encouraged to make a wish I told them would have to come true. I mean, how couldn't it on a night like this?