PYPER-COSTELLO FAMILY || Goleta, CA || When they asked to shoot at one of my very favorite places and met me with open arms and a Moscow Mule, I knew we'd be a match made in heaven. It was a warm, summer night at El Capitan Canyon, and we hung around their cabin, meandered up a golden lit trail and capped our time together with a splash in the Pacific. I became enamored by these six, their mellow sweetness, their genuine connections, and Mom and Dad's determination to piece their family together---thoughtfully and intentionally---from all corners of the world.

In the parking lot at the beach, we met two guys traveling cross-country in a VW bus covered in stickers. Come to find out, the point was for people to write down their hopes and desires, adding layer upon layer of colorful inspiration to the van. From Abby's dream to eat "chocolate daily" to Mom's wish for a cancer cure for her friend, they each added a piece of themselves to the exhibit, and I observed them to really love the process. Sharing dreams. Knowing the desires of one's heart, no matter the size. Maybe it was subconscious or even just me. . . but this simple process seemed to be less about sharpies on stickers for them, and more about the root of intentional choice that lays at the heart of their family.