Portland & the Oregon Coast

March 22, 2015 || I remember the very first picture of Posy's I ever saw on Instagram. It was a shot from the top of a staircase or balcony looking down on a little girl in her grandmother's living room; they were visiting. It was a trip to Virginia or South Carolina or something like that. I noticed from the caption that the child shared the same name as my daughter. And I'd never known another Franny before. Some web scouring revealed her momma was a photographer, and as I looked through the images on this lady's websiteparticularly the ones of she and her Franny togetherI loved them right away.

Fast forward two years and Posy had become something of a digital pen pal, someone I'd brainstorm with, reach out to for advice and someone I'd think of here and there, producing thoughts that would make me smile. Last year we met in person when we both attended Photo Field Trip here in Santa Barbara. And just last month we introduced our girls when Francesca and I flew to Portland to spend a long weekend with them {and her and her and her and her}. Our Frans, whose birthdays are also one day apart, hit it off quickly, and I'll speak for both Posy and myself to say any hesitations we may have had to spend 100 hours together with no real precedent fizzled before we hit the luggage carousel.

Our time in Portland and at the coast was comfortable, easy and fun. I felt like I'd known her forever. The Frans have since become pen pals and obsessed with each other. And in the weeks since, Posy's returned to Santa Barbara once, we'll meet up in San Diego late next week, have a beach campout in June, and a few more days on the Oregon coast come September. Here's to the power of the 21st century. . . and virtual connections turned real.