LOMONACO FAMILY || Montecito, CA || In the summer of 2010, Crescent began an online meet-up group for expectant mommas in Santa Barbara. Within days, five of us had found each other and she pulled the announcement from the web. What began then continues to be one of the biggest blessings in my life, as I can't imagine how my pregnancy with Francesca would have been without the support and friendship of these women. Let alone all the milestones we shared between birth and infancy through to toddlerhood and now preschool, where our children are today. 

I feel like Crescent and I have maintained a special bond over the past four years; we no longer see each other tremendously often, but when we do it's fluid and comfortable, we chat and laugh and it feels just right. Here she is with Mike, one of the most devoted, helpful and selfless husbands I've ever met, and Mr. Eli, who I'll always be proud to say I've known since before he was born.

"I love looking at the images over and over and discovering something new each time, some little nuance that makes each one so special. You are amazing!" - Crescent LoMonaco