LOMONACO FAMILY || Santa Barbara, CA || I revealed these images to this family yesterday, their son Eli's fifth birthday. I remember clearly the day Crescent texted me to tell me she and Mike were off to hospital to have him. I was on maternity leave. Fran was two months old. I was dusting the table in my front room, Pledge in one hand, rag in the other when the alert on my phone went off. I don't know why that moment has stuck with me when I have few similarly distinct recollections. I mean: the birth of my children, the police pursuing O.J.'s white Bronco, where I was when 9/11 happened, and dusting my table when Crescent went into labor. That's not even too far of a stretch.

It must be because these three and I were meant to be, in that unexplainable way connections are made as we move throughout our lives. Not only are the LoMonacos a favorite client to take on a new adventure and photograph each year at Christmastime, they're clearly some of my very favorite people.