LIPSCOMB FAMILY || Santa Barbara, CA || I think there's something to be said for our evolution together, this family and me. This was my second time officially photographing them, the shoot two years ago and this one each book-ends containing our evolving story. Most prevalent to me is the intimacy in this set that's missing from the first, proving to me that photography can be no less than someone opening up their soul to someone else, or the visualization of trust. And that's no matter what side of the lens you're on.

I spent lots and lots of time this year with these three in their temporary mountain home, making new memories for myself and my children while living some of Lauren's and Ben's last alongside them. Along mountain lanes lined with pines or over the first cup of coffee when the air is still still, I felt privileged to share some conversations about where they might land next and lay down roots. After more time, soul-searching and a northern road-trip, they chose Montana.

Given all this, it was important to me to capture them in the final days of their state of flux, their chapter on California nearing its end. We traveled just out of Santa Barbara one night last week to a place called Lizard's Mouth that occupies a place in each of our heart's, even Noah's. And there we climbed and followed what we thought were some paths, going confidently one moment, then fumbling the next. It's kind of like life has been, is it not? An evening stroll becoming metaphor for so much more.