KNOTHE SIBLINGS || Santa Barbara, CA || With my two-year-old business still relatively young and evolving, I keep finding myself humbled and excited whenever someone comes back to me for consecutive shoots. So I was elated when Ava and Dallas' mom called me last month for round two of her kids' annual photos. I think we've all come a long way since we wandered up and down the Ellwood Bluffs together last Fall: me as an artist and these children as little human beings. How fun it was not just to see them again {and they certainly aren't hard on the eyes!}, but to see how much they've grown and changed in 12 short months.

We spent our time against the backdrop of the historic Stow House, crossed an old wooden bridge, and wound up in a place that's gotta look pretty familiar by now to anyone who's followed my work for any length of time. We talked super heroes and the bumblebee room at preschool, practiced our fallen tree-balancing skills and wielded sticks for swords. The kids waved to the old planes out for an evening flight around the airport, wondered if the ducks really would like tortillas and whether the swan would even come out.

Mom and Dad trailed along behind us, stepping into a frame here and there and chuckling with me {or probably at me!!} as I handled their children, depositing them into this light or these shadows, and then on the turn of a hat bounding alongside them and working to capture who they are without prompting. These people are some of the good ones, and I had a genuine good time. Ahhh, who am I kidding . . .  I love them! So with that now, then . . . on to their photos.