GEMMER MATERNITY || Arch Cape, OR || It's not every day a pregnant lady rallies with you, running through freezing, rushing, rising tide to an epic location for maternity pictures. But before I ever met her in person, I knew Heather Gemmer would, and remain as blissful and elegant throughout as I thought she'd be.

After following her Instagram account for more than a year, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who this girl is: a Portland wife, first-time mother pregnant {and enthralled with being pregnant} with her second, a NICU nurse who works {and loves} the night shift, a passionate writer, lover of delicate details, knits, rocky, desolate landscapes and Iceland, and intentionally living simply, wholesomely and with a full heart. She was all of that, yes, but then more.

Heather was startlingly down-to-earth, in a way that comes from knowing someone online for so long and then meeting the real them, and realizing, Wow, she's just like you and me! She is smart and funny and tough-skinned, as she has to be to do the profession she does and do it well. She has the funniest pregnancy cravings. We fumbled along the shoreline together, she with her full belly and me on my bad foot, and I'm sure we were a sight to behold. Except there was no one there to see us, because we were pretty close to the middle of nowhere, it was cold and wet and rocky, and I could tell we were both ignited by that. So there.

The opportunity to meet and capture a few shots of Adam and Otis rounded out my time together with this family and left me driving back to my rented beach cottage grinning ear to ear.