Investment FAQ


When it comes to family photos, I've always paid one set rate for all the digital images. The idea of paying a session fee now and then investing in a "collection" later feels new and different. What's a "collection" and why do you do it this way?
At the beginning of 2018 I sent out a survey about family photography to more than 300 friends, clients, fellow photographers and volunteers who love family photography and offered to participate. The results were clear: More than 50 percent of people don't want a zip file of 50+ digital images. They want options when it comes to their family photos, and my collections offer just that.

Each collection includes a certain number of high resolution, digital images of your choice, as well as a coffee table album or prints. You get to preview all the images from your shoot before deciding which collection you want. With this set-up, you're only purchasing the digital images you really love, plus you'll have something to physically touch, hang on your walls and pass down to your children one day. For anyone still wanting the full set of digital images, Collection 3 includes just that.

So, I pay my session fee now, and then what?
Nothing at all until after your shoot. About two weeks after your shoot I'll send you a link to your full gallery of images. You'll have a three-day window of your choice to preview it and purchase the photography collection you choose.

What you're saying is, I pay my session fee up front and by the time I pay for my collection it will easily be weeks or months later. By then, I'll probably have forgotten all about the session fee I've already paid!
That's part of the intention. I understand that family photos are an investment and that breaking up the cost can be super helpful. I believe that a package and pricing structure like this will make getting family photos attainable to everyone.

Whichever collection I choose comes with either a coffee table album or a selection of prints. Tell me about the albums.
Collection 1 includes an 8"x10" album with premium matte 100# paper.
Collection 2 includes a 13"x11" album with archival-quality 100# paper featuring an eggshell-textured, uncoated finish.
Collection 3 includes a 13"x11" lay-flat album with double-thick, 100# stock. Pages lay flat with no center gutter break between pages.

All three albums come with a black, linen cover protected by a glossy dust jacket. You get to choose the dust jacket image.

Will my album include all the images from our shoot even if the collection I choose doesn't include all the digital downloads?

And you will design my album for me?
Yes! It's a very clean layout meant to highlight each and every picture: one full-sized image per page in the same order the images are displayed in your online gallery.

What if I opt for prints instead of an album?
Collection 1 includes 6 prints of your choice from your full gallery of images.
Collection 2 includes 8 prints of your choice from your full gallery of images.
Collection 3 includes 10 prints of your choice from your full gallery of images.

No matter which collection you choose, you have full customization over your prints: Your prints can be any images from your shoot (or duplicates of the same image) even if the digital images you choose are different. You can also choose from any of the following print sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", 8"x12", 11"x14" or 12"x18"

So I can get all 11"x14"s if I want? Or any combination I choose?

I'm worried my toddler might not hold up for a full, hour-long shoot. Do you offer mini sessions?
Yes! Mini sessions are $450 and include a 30-minute shoot and 10 high resolution, digital images of your choice, with the option to purchase additional digital downloads and printed products if you so choose. The full fee is due upfront with signed contract.