Evening at the Oregon Coast

November 04, 2015 || Last month when I was at the Oregon Coast with Posy, I asked if I could sneak away with her one night while she shot a session so I could watch her and learn some conventional things, like how to pose a family. In the end I watched her for two seconds and spent the rest of the night walking along the beach by myself, really trying to think about and then photograph things in the absence of people.

I've always enjoyed capturing the landscape and other natural details wherever I happen to be shooting, but my "scenic photography," to me, has simply been my preferred way to fill out sessions and make them feel more complete. This night may have changed that for me, as I've just finished compiling my first collection of photographs that's 80 percent people-free. And I'm kind of liking it.

So for the rest of our weekend there at the beach I continued focusing on my surroundings, thinking about light and composition without being able to place someone right where I needed them in the frame. What resulted is this mis-match of a couple evenings and one early morning, a couple kids thrown in in places, and what I think sort of resembles how life on the Oregon Coast might feel if there was no one there to see it.