Easter Week

APRIL 18, 2016 || Remember when we were kids and Spring Break was always called Easter Break? I'm gonna resurrect that nostalgia for the sake of this post {and to differentiate our first week of "spring break" from our second, which will appear in another post down the line}. Easter as a child was like our second Christmas, meaning the other time each year our well-dispersed family members would come together for camaraderie and a special meal in my grandmother's house. The other time each year that same grandma would fashion us in lacy dresses and patent leather shoes, but this time with white or pale pink tights, not black like at Christmas.

As I grew into an adult, Easter didn't stay like it had always been. Will and I have made a tradition of "doing it up" for Thanksgiving, which I love, but Christmas and Easter, as a result, are soooooort of like any other day, at least when it comes to extended family and a holiday meal. Looks like this year changed all that! Not only did many of my favorite people on the planet come together Easter Sunday to decorate, hunt eggs, cook and eat, sip cocktails, and as the day wore on, listen to music, play Heads Up!, bug the neighbors with a block-wide scavenger hunt and have relay races up and down our 30-foot pine tree {!!!}... the holiday culminated a week-long pre-spring-break-spring-break Franny and I got to enjoy with Franny and Posy, her dad and his girlfriend, showing them the best of SB.

Needless to say, it was an Easter Break and an Easter to remember. My grandmother may have turned over in her grave seeing my son in his shorts and t-shirt on the day Jesus rose from the dead, but she'd also have been warmed by the smiles on all our faces and our efforts to make the holiday and springtime rituals our own... Because memorable is the key to all of this, is it not?