DUFFY FAMILY || Goleta, CA || Mom, Dad and their little man drove up from L.A. Babcia {Polish for "Grandma"}  flew in from Florida, and we all met in paradise. With Mike and Jen both working full-time in the valley doing show biz, and 3-year-old Xavier busy at preschool, this trio spends, admittedly, no time at the beach. Which kinda blows my mind and maybe yours, for those of you who know my lifestyle and how hot it is in the valley.... And by no time I really mean that; Jen said X has touched the sand only once.

But let me just say this: the wonderment that exuded from this boy as he overlooked the Pacific last week really was something to behold. I take our beach lifestyle greatly for granted and so do my kids. So what a beautifully fresh perspective to see it as Xavier---actually all three of them---did. Without a doubt, it was just as much a treat for me as their sunset adventure was for them.