Crab Boil

APRIL 10, 2016 || Being married to Will is an adventure in one food experiment after another. Although I know he'd argue otherwise, I consider my palette pretty broad. Except that I don't eat much meat, don't love seafood and won't touch anything "obscure," a.k.a. many of my husband's favorites: wild boar and actually any wild game, octopus, squid, quail, pheasant, lamb, duck, rabbit, the list goes on and on. He's cured his own meat, purchased an entire pig, and in preparation for Sunday's Crab Boil, put 30 live rock crabs in our fridge overnight.

In the last year, Will's taken to hosting big groups of our friends for what have become some of my very favorites memories. He's done pizzas, paella, cinghiale, each one meticulously planned and prepared for, down to a tee. This is the first of our parties I've ever photographed, and in conclusion, it makes me so regretful I didn't photo all the rest. Taking a step back from our company, feeling more like an observer than a host gave me a new perspective on these festive get-togethers. Most importantly, it allowed me to watch my husband in his element, doing what makes him happy and most fulfilled. Also to encapsulate the experiences of our family and friends against the backdrop of our home and garden. I haven't been this excited about a set of personal pictures in quite some time, and even gladder to begin a new tradition of shooting these special days.