Year in review

One year ago this week I joined Instagram. Urged and encouraged by my sister, I began fiddling with my iPhone and retraining my eye to recognize light, color and composition and have fun with photography again.

Through IG I found a community of exceptional photographers, many of whom I've grown to consider friends and whose work infuses my days with an energy, passion and desire to be my very best behind the lens. Not just behind the lens, but in everything.

Fourteen years ago I'd gone to grad school for photojournalism. But somewhere along the line I got cold feet and felt I lacked the confidence and talent to pursue it outside the classroom. I stopped taking pictures all together, didn't touch a camera for years and instead became lost in the world of young parenthood, family and my nine-to-five.

But in the first days of 2013, Corey said I should start taking pictures again. And something somehow, inexplicably clicked. The bug came back In full, abundant effect. Without question, my camera phone became the portal to boundless personal happiness and fulfillment this year.

2013 was defined by a resurgence in my love for taking pictures.

Year in review.jpg

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