BAER SISTERS || Santa Barbara, CA || A couple years ago, "Baby Abby" and her mom, Erin, had been in an infants' music class with Francesca and me. Erin and her family were new to town and I think we connected over our young daughters and the good feeling that came from making a new friend when you least expected it. I've enjoyed watching Abby grow from a baby into the spunky toddler she is today, and it's been particularly fun to see how she's changed since her baby sister came along. Here are their birthday pictures: Abby at two-and-a-half and little Charlotte at one. 

"We absolutely love the photos Kelly took of our daughters. She was able to capture so many cute expressions and so much of their personalities. Kelly is so talented and was so easy to work with. We can't wait to have her photograph the whole family." - Erin Baer