Arizona Winter 2016

FEBRUARY 10, 2016 || Not the rest actually, or even close. But compared to the snow-covered South Rim the week after Christmas, I would stay the rest of the state-slash-rest of the country could probably hardly compare. Alongside Nana, Corey and the cousins, the kids and I made our way around the Central and Northern part of the state the week between Christmas and New Year's, as we do every year. From the splendor of the Grand Canyon to a pit stop at Bedrock City {aka weird, dusty, crumbling concrete Flintstones "theme park"}, to the hours of red-dusty, four-wheeled adventures this trip is known for, it's done nothing short of making me want to go back.

And that's just what you'll see here. Then there's what I have no pictures of: Corey's 36th birthday, ringing in the New Year, two hours broken down on the side of a highway, a surprise visit from a best friend, foosball and burgers at a local pub, a day at "America's most vertical city" and my mother-son day with Isaac in a 60 ft.-high treetop adventure course {Read: NOT for the faint of heart or the out-of-shape-moms-club, aka ME}, Left-Right-Center with a $100 pot, Balderdash over cocktails, cousins playing basketball for hours, and then of course the ever-present heart of it all: dreaming of what it'd be like if we could be together all the time.

Here's to another seven days in the desert at wintertime.