MAY 5, 2015 || A month or so before Spring Break, my sister came to me with a huge idea: not just to take our four kids on a road trip up the coast from Santa Barbara through Big Sur and up to Santa Cruz, but to invite like-minded California and other U.S. brands to contribute to our effort, donating their goods and services in exchange for photos, social media call-outs and video footage of our adventure.

Let's just say I let her first few tries to convince me fall by the wayside. Not that I didn't think it sounded incredible, but that I really didn't think anyone would bite. What happened between then and the day the six of us piled into a rented red Dodge Grand Caravan and hit the road I guess is neither here nor there. Because it happened. And beyond anything Corey and I could have imagined.

Thank you to our sponsors: Big Sur River Inn, Bink and Boo, Boxed WaterCamp Wolf, ELNM Designs, The Goodland, Hello ApparelHold Fast GearKamp and Co.Lens BabyLiv3Mother Earth Brewing Co.Rais Case, Scout & Cloth, Stout Tent and Tea Collection for contributing to #kellyandcoreys_springbreakroadtrip... an adventure we'll never forget.